Superfinishing Machine Cells

Neuteq Superfinishing Cells help manufacturers in a range of industries achieve superior part functioning characteristics with a process that has proved itself in automotive, compressor, transmission, agricultural, construction and other plants that make precision rotating, load-bearing components around the world.  Neuteq machines and systems have improved the surface finish, geometry and size tolerances of cylindrical components of many materials to within microns consistently.

Having been the first over 80 years ago, Neuteq continues to set the standard in Superfinishing process quality and system development.  Supported through our global R&D facilities, Neuteq continues to reinvest in the Superfinishing process, machine tool technology and its personnel development.

Achieving the most demanding specifications in today’s industry and leading the advancement of Superfinishing technology, Neuteq has developed a process to improve critical functional surfaces on many flight control applications including actuators and shafts, as well as operation-critical fuel system pump applications.

At Neuteq, we believe in the application of technology and know-how to offer our customers world leading solutions. We manufacture a full range of Superfinishing solutions, from flexible machines designed for low volume, high accuracy components, through to dedicated OEM solutions and production rates.  We have developed the GBQ Superfinishing  process in response to our customer demands.

Our process is used today by World Champions within the race industry.

Our flexible machine architecture delivers our robust process to a range of large Heavy Industrial products.